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So, first of all I’d like to introduce myself. My name is STEWART. I am the team leader of THE MEN. I did my Sterling Men’s Weekend in November, 2004, and my LDE in October, 2005.

Here’s a picture of me on my Point Team overnight with the other men of my point program. At that time we were known as “The Merry Wet Men”, and no, that was not a name we chose for ourselves. After that we became a team known as Raisin’ Hell. About two years later I left that team, and joined the team known at the time as Kryptonite Junkies, and now known as The Men. Raisin’ Hell became Chupacabre, and many of the members have since gone onto other teams… Juarez and Levy are on the Eastsiders. Steben is on the Valley Kings. Metz stayed with Chupacabre, but has since joined me on The Men.

Professionally, I am a Macintosh Consultant, and I run a company along with Ethan Feerst (also on The Men) called 2 Smart Techies. (Here’s a pic of FEERST and one of The MacWhisperer in all our glory – both taken by our own very talented Andre Andreev)

I write a technical blog and produce a podcast under the name of The MacWhisperer. Technology is my passion. I strive to stay on the cutting edge. I encourage those around me to use their technology to it’s fullest, and to find ways for that technology to fill in personal deficits. That’s where this blog comes in.

At the Division Roast I was astonished at the talent we are surrounded with in this division. There are great business leaders and teachers (Santana, Gershenson, Greene to name a few). There are great comedy talents (Lassers, Batiste, Weiler off the top of my head). There are incredible food professionals (Arthur and Dressler and I’m sure several others). Great musicians (Oliart, Andersen, Jean and many more). Now it’s time for the great technicians to step forward and show you what we can do… and I will lead the way as the Technology Czar for Full Monty.

The first step will be this blog. It’s a simple to update website, with the capability to post text, photos, videos and other forms of communication. It’s a way you can speak your mind, and share your life. It’s a way to connect with men from other teams, as well as a way to be more connected with your men the rest of the week. Men will post discussions, and then anyone with an account can carry on and continue the conversation, or dispute it, or offer their own thoughts, advice, suggestions, etc….

Let’s start using this blog. Bookmark it on your computers… the direct link is https://fullmontybullet.wordpress.com/

If you want to contribute, all you need to do is send me an email (stewart@trustthemen.com), and I will assist you in setting up an account. Then you can blog from your web browser, a blogging application (I can make suggestions on the best of these), or in some cases even your phone (there are several free, and easy to use blogging apps I know about for the iphone).

Now’s YOUR chance to:

Make a statement.

Have an opinion.

Let the men in your division hear your voice.

It’s all up to YOU!!!!

Let’s build this community together, and share in the bounty of the wisdom, knowledge, experience, and culture of this powerful circle of KINGS!!!!!


MacWhisperer Out…..


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