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How do you as a man, or as a team, support one of your men when they are ill, in the hospital, injured, or in surgery?

Over the time that I’ve been in this division, I’ve heard many stories: Wink Mann falling off a ladder, James Williamson having quadruple heart bypass surgery, Blade Thomas’ heart attack, Barry Axelrod’s surgery, Jim Walsh’s back and head injury which occurred during a division meeting, and many many others. Each time the men in the division and the men on that individual’s team stepped in a big way to support the family and the man.

Today, one of the men on my team, and one of the men who is very involved on the division level, David Andersen, went into surgery to replace his hip. We banded together to support him. He got time at the last team meeting to reveal his emotions and fears around the surgery, and the one thing he asked from the team was that the men sent him healing “mojo”. This morning at 9AM we did just that, holding a conference call to simply connect with the man spiritually and energetically as he went under the knife. It was a simple call, 10 minutes in length, and the majority of that time was spent in silence, with each man holding an intention, and a space for David. When the call was complete, the team and each of the men truly felt that they had contributed something very positive to this man in his deepest time of need. Each of us know that we were able to reach this man and his spirit, and keep him in our thoughts. As the hours have gone on, we all have continued that connection in our own ways.

On Saturday at 5PM, we will be going to visit him at his hospital bedside, bringing our cheer, our smiles, our energy, and our love. We will be giving his woman, Tanya Ragir, time to rest herself since she will be at his bedside constantly, and this will be her first real opportunity to catch her breath, go home, and have a nice meal.

I have spoken, and will continue to be in touch with Tanya, his daughter Jenika, and other people in his family who care for him, and need whatever support we can give them in this time.

Our Monday team meeting will take place at his home, so that he can continue to be a part of our team through his recuperation.

This is just a small and simple way that we can reach out to this man that we love, respect, and care for. This is one of the higher purposes that I hold in my circle… caring for our men in a way that you just don’t see or experience in everyday life.

I am eager to hear your thoughts. Have you had a similar experience? Is there a story you’d like to add to this thread? Suggestions of how you or your men and team have showed up or would show up in this situation.

Let me know. Share your wisdom. As men in this community, it’s one of the greatest ways we can contribute to this community and to the men and families we truly love.

Stewart out!!!!


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