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In an effort to create a community on the site, you now have a blog where men can submit articles by emailing them to me at rlassers@gmail.com.  The difference between a blog and the home page of the bullet is that articles will be archived and will be accessible by categories or date. Another big difference on the blog page is the ability to post comments or expound on an article.  This will create discussion and provide feedback as well.

Some quick rules on commenting on the articles.

  • Keep the comments that pertain to the article
  • Attach your name with the comment
  • Hold the context of “community” in your comments
  • Be constructive whether positive or critical

The first man to post an article on The Bullet Blog is Marc Weiler.  On the core team call some men felt that knowing what a man does and detailing the details of his work would resonate with the other men in the division.

I am calling this category Profession Confessions, and with out further ado, I give you An Actor on Set by Mark Weiler.

– Lassers


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