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It’s been a tremendously rewarding year for me in my career over the past twelve months. I feel that I’ve finally earned the respect to have been invited to work with the elite in the television industry. This serves my higher purpose of being able to reach the masses with my inspirational message that anyone, from any small rural Midwestern town, from any set of circumstances, can live the life they’ve always wanted to live. I am living proof.

Over the past year, I’ve worked on shows for NBC, ABC and CBS working directly with Alan Arkin, Simon Baker and Christian Slater, who have taught me how professionals behave, and what the next level for me looks like.

My daily life is a slow, steady, self-motivated grind. I am my only boss. I have built a small, loyal, trust-worthy team around me, who understand what I have to offer, and work hard to convey that to the Gatekeepers and Decision-makers within the industry. I have developed the daily discipline of working out my body for 1 hour, networking with ten industry professionals, either writing one page or rehearsing a script for 1 hour, and daily research of current industry trends.

I am always prepared for my auditions and have learned to act professionally and respectfully in the socializing before and after. Like most sales pitches (which an audition is), it’s a numbers game. The more I audition, the more I book. I do not book many auditions percentage wise, but those I do book, are incredibly rewarding. (more…)


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