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To the Men of Full Monty,I spent a few extra minutes this morning gazing into the faces of my son and wife, feeling gratitude for having them in my life. What I learned at last night’s Division MeetingĀ  helped me turn away from the voices of judgment that often keep me from seeing them as anything less than true blessings. I recognize that sometimes, I play a judgmental tapeloop




in my head that does nothing for me but place distance between myself and those I love most — especially my wife. I commit to identifying and ceasing that destructive habit so as to be more present with and of service to my family. I hope those of you that attended last might’s meeting received lessons and insights that were similarly as powerful for you.

I am sincerely grateful for the many gifts I receive by leading Full Monty. I recognize how remarkable it is to have so many honest, trusting and open relationships with as many men as I do as your DCIT. Just this morning, I spent time talking to several great men in our division, including Joe Grow and Richard Rutherford. This is truly a gift. I hope we all can see how truly blessed we are to have eachother and can express that in our own ways over the next several weeks as we celebrate the holidays as a community and in our own lives. (more…)


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Without exaggeration, I’m proud to say that I’m pumped and excited!! I’m excited about the condition and direction of Full Monty and about some amazing new developments in my life.

First, Full Monty. Not many men know this, but 2 weeks ago we had 20 guests at Full Monty team metings. To me, that is irrefutable proof that our circle is a powerful and attractive place to be. Furthermore, we have a cool new web presence, strong core team, and have just had 2 supremely successful Division Meetings. We all have so much to be proud of.

Personally, I’ve turned a major corner. At the MDI Convention, I received huge gifts that are translating into a new and lucrative career direction and a renewed loving and passionate way of being as a husband to my lovely wife. I am very grateful.

Next Tuesday, we have the privilege of being together just before we begin to celebrate the Holidays. I promise you, we are committed to providing you an experience that will empower and inspire you to bring the fullness of the mature masculine to your loved ones during this special time. I look forward to seeing each of you.

Let’s celebrate next week all that we have that we are grateful for. There are countless blessings in each of our lives, not the least of which is our circle of men.

Come with your heart open…and feel free to bring a guest.

Trust and respect,

Eddie Santana
Full Monty DCIT

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