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Once again – another stellar division meeting put on by Eduardo Santana and his CORE team of dedicated men.

I got there early to help Rod Green set up lighting and our new sound system.   i was glad to be able to have the time to do this.  It felt good to work within my field and benefit the division.

So  –  why did the division meeting suck ?

Well in using the World Sucks Chart model,  all the bad things about my life were sucked out of me.

With David Anderson’s ritual,   I got to hear other men identify and give voice to their inner demons.    The same inner demons I hear in my head that make me feel I’m insane.   If only I could be like ________ then I’d be okay.     Only to find out – I’m not alone.   Other men are just as insane as me.   OR  MAYBE –  just as sane.   Imagine that.   Having inner demon voices  AND  being sane.

It felt good to hear the same thoughts I have come out of other men’s mouths.   It sucked me dry and left me free to be.

And that’s why the division meeting sucked !!!


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