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We are men.

We fight for what’s right. We are ruthless with our compassion.

And we laugh when we fall on our faces.

We are mature men.

We are honorable, strong, bonded like no other.

We guide, we teach, we lead.

We are men.

We are an example to our peers, to boys, to our sons, for future generations.

We are the mature masculine.

We play hard and we work hard.

We are men.

We are courageous because of our vulnerability.

We are courageous because of our honesty.

We are courageous because we will stand alone against the grain, if we do not believe the status quo is righteous.

We are men.

We are soldiers who wear our hearts on the outside of our armor; daring to stabbed, as we march forth, BOLDLY, in the direction of what we desire.

We are men.

We do not apologize for having dicks and a hairy nut sack, and we accept responsibility for where we choose to put them.

We are men. We’re here. We’re committed. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers.


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